Payroll Services France

Payroll and HR can be a challenge in your home country, let alone in a foreign jurisdiction.

French Payroll Services designed for you

For companies looking to expand into new markets, France offers enormous potential thanks to its status as the second largest economy in the European Union. However, international expansion comes with many challenges. Payroll regulations differ from country to country. To maintain compliance when hiring an employee in France, you will have to apply French-specific laws.  

My Payroll Pro France is a French payroll provider for international companies. Our experts understand local best practices. We stay close to you and speak your and your employees’ language (English, German, and French).

Our French payroll services include :

No legal entity required: The French solution ESEF is an ideal alternative to an Employer-of Record.

Cost of an employee in France: Get an estimation for your unique case.

An insight into the French payslip: gross to net calculation explained.

All-round Payroll : from Setup to Service and Support

As a payroll services provider in France, we are here to help you from the very beginning.

Setup Phase

From the Foreign Employer Status registration to the setup of your employee benefits, we take care of everything.

Monthly Payroll Processing

Our main goal is to keep the process smooth and transparent. We manage everything for our clients including distribution of payslips.  

Personalized Advice

Our French payroll services go beyond just paying out wages. We offer cost estimations, tax optimization, custom reports and much more.

Setting up your Payroll in France: registration services & obligatory insurances

There is some regulatory compliance that must be dealt with when hiring in France. Our French payroll services start there.

Employee Onboarding

After drafting a bilingual employment contract, My Payroll Pro France will sign up your employee with the social security URSSAF via the pre-employment declaration ‘DPAE’.

This can be done the day before your employee starts so you don’t have to wait until the setup is fully complete. You will be covered from day one in case of an audit.

Company ID Application

If the Foreign Employer Status applies to you, we will simultaneously register as your local representative with the  Centre National des Firmes Etrangères (CNFE). Within two to three weeks, we will receive the ID number necessary for your payroll processing.

Employee Benefits

Once we have the company ID number, we will set up the employee benefits in France. This includes registering your employee to the complementary retirement scheme, and setting up additional health care and life insurance. We will provide further payroll services – like registering with the tax office and the occupational health center.

Monthly Processing: French Payroll Services, Step by Step

There are several steps and processes that we go through each time we run payroll for your company. Here’s a short breakdown.

Payroll Processing

We establish your payroll based on the fixed and variable elements that you communicate to us. My Payroll Pro France will provide the payslips and your monthly reports.

Payslip Distribution

My Payroll Pro France will electronically distribute the payslips. Your employees will be able to download them from a secure employee portal after logging in with a password. 

Payment of Contributions

My Payroll Pro France will guide you in regard to the payment of social contributions and payroll-related taxes. You will receive an overview with all payment details.

More than Payroll Solutions

Our French payroll outsourcing solutions go beyond dispatching payslips. We offer in-depth advice that may be of assistance to your company.

Budget and Cost Simulations

Wage costs can be one of the most significant expenses of a company. Before making key decisions (new hire, salary raise) you will need to anticipate the financial impact.

With payroll taxes in France varying so much (between 3 % and 46 %), you will need to have precise estimations in order to make informed decisions. 

With our cost simulations you will be able to plan ahead so that your budget is respected.

Reports & Integrations

We understand that employee data is critical information that needs to be available to the right people at the right time. 

We work with one of the best and most renowned French payroll softwares. A large range of standard reports can be created for you on a regular or ad hoc basis. 

We are also able to develop custom reports based upon your needs.

Compliance Audits

As your payroll services provider in France we will identify problems before they become issues.

With fluctuating payroll regulations, it is important to systematically conduct a payroll audit in order to maintain compliance.   

We will analyse your payroll regularly:

  • during the setup phase
  • at year’s end and at the beginning of each year
  • whenever there are legal changes potentially impacting your business.
Payroll Tax Optimization

Discover potential tax optimizations that can be applied to your business.

Whether you are a start-up that has invested in research or you have created a new training position for young talent, we will automatically advise on potential credits you never knew you qualified for.

Partner Network

Payroll is only one of our clients’ needs. We have a partner network that allows us to offer a wide range of services that go beyond payroll services in France. 

Want to talk to a French Payroll Expert ?

We offer a free consultation as well as a cost estimation for your first employee in France. You can simply schedule your video call online by choosing your preferred date and time.