State Aid Apprentices & Trainees 2023

Guide : new state aid for apprentices and trainees in 2023

During the health crisis in 2020, the French government introduced an exceptional state aid for apprentices. This action against unemployment among young people, was renewed last year until 31st of December 2022.

With the decree of 29 December 2022, a new state aid is now available for companies hiring an apprentice or trainee in 2023.

State aid apprentices & trainees 2023 – amount and conditions

The aid concerns contracts concluded between 1st of January 2023 and 31st of December 2023. It will be paid for the first year of execution of the contract.

– € 6000 maximum for an apprentice, regardless of age
– € 6000 maximum for a trainee with a so-called ‘contrat de professionnalisation’, with an age limit of 29 years old.

A number of requirements apply, for instance in regard to the type and level of the studies, as well as additional conditions for employers with a staff headcount of 250 or more employees.

How to obtain the state aid 2023 ?

There is no specific application process. However, there are still some steps that need to be followed so that the payment can be processed automatically.

Step 1: Filing of the contract

For both types of contracts, apprenticeship and traineeship, specific contract forms exist:

– for the apprenticeship contract:
Cerfa 10103*09

– for the trainee contract ‘contrat de professionnalisation’:
Cerfa 12434*03

One copy of the completed and signed cerfa-form must be sent to the competent training organization ‘OPCO’. OPCO ensures the consistency of the data and the transmission of the contract to the Ministry of Labor.

Step 2: Sylae – declaration of bank account details

The employer must create an account on the platform Sylae. Once the access has been created, the company will then have to indicate its bank account details on the platform for the payment of the state aid.

Step 3: Monthly declaration

Your French payroll provider will ensure that the personal, contract and salary data is correctly declared each month via the declaration DSN. For an apprentice, this will automatically release the payment. For a trainee contract, it is necessary to upload the French payslip each month on the platform sylae.

Step 4: Payment

The employer will be able to follow the payments of the new state aid for apprentices and trainees 2023 via his account on the platform sylae.