Free Excel Template: Mileage France 2023

Free excel template mileage France 2023 : automatic spreadsheet to establish your mileage expense reports or to simulate your mileage allowances, month by month, in French and English.
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Reimbursement of mileage expenses in France

An employee may have to use his personal vehicle for business purpose. The associated costs must be reimbursed by his employer.

The mileage expense report must include mandatory mentions such as the reason for the business trip, the destination, the number of kilometres travelled, and the fiscal classification of the vehicle. The refund is then calculated based on the official scale, taking into account the fiscal classification of the vehicle and the number of kilometres travelled.

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Calculation of French mileage allowance 2023

The French Government revaluated the 2023 mileage rates by 5.4%, based on the rise of fuel prices.

Fiscal Classification CV up to 5000 km 5001 to 20000 km more than 20000 km
up to 3 CV d x 0,529 (d x 0,316) + 1065 € d x 0,370
4 CV d x 0,606 (d x 0,340) + 1330 € d x 0,407
5 CV d x 0,636 (d x 0,357) + 1395 € d x 0,427
6 CV d x 0,665 (d x 0,374) + 1457 € d x 0,447
7 CV or more d x 0,697 (d x 0,394) + 1515 € d x 0,470

d = distance in km

Download free excel template: mileage france 2023

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free excel template mileage france 2023

With this fully automated and easy-to-use tool, the calculation of French mileage expenses refunds becomes simple and safe, thanks to automatic formulas.

Usage of the 2023 French mileage xls template: in two simple steps

Step 1 : Enter the company, employee details and fiscal classification of the car in the first tab.
The sheet will automatically prefill the monthly expense reports and apply the rates based on the fiscal classification of the car, to be found in the second tab.

Step 2: Fill out the expense sheet, month by month: For each business trip enter the date, origin and destination, the nature and the total distance.
The sheet will automatically calculate the mileage allowance. If necessary, a regularisation will be calculated (e.g. once 5000 or 20000 kilometres are exceeded).

A free, easy-to-use, fully automated, excel template for the reimbursement of French mileage allowances 2023.