Collective Bargaining Agreement Textile Industry

Understanding the French collective bargaining agreement of the textile industry.

What is the collective bargaining agreement textile industry?

It is a French collective bargaining agreement applicable in the clothing manufacturing industry. In French it is referred to as ‘CCN habillement : industrie’. The code of the CBA is IDCC 0247.

When is the national agreement of the textile industry applicable ?

It applies to company whose main activity relates to the textile industry. The company’s main activity code APE NAF can help to determine the CBA. It can be found on the French Payslip.
The collective bargaining agreement of the textile industry applies to companies with manufacturing activities of the following goods:
– leather clothing;
– work clothes;
– outerwear, excluding knitted or crocheted clothing;
– underwear excluding knitted underwear;
– some other clothes and accessories (quettes, quilted hats, ties, scarves, …) ;
– various articles in plastic materials;
– umbrellas and parasols.

The main characteristics of the collective bargaining agreement textile industry

The national collective agreement of the textile industry is an agreement signed between a professional organization of employers and a union of employees. This agreement provides for minimum wages, working conditions and employee benefits such as an additional health insurance.

Additional leave days based on the CBA textile industry

On top of the 5 weeks of legal vacation (based on French Labor Law), the CBA of the textile industry stipulates the following additional days:

Seniority >10 years >15 years >20 years >25 years >30 years
Additional days per year 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days

Seniority bonus

The collective bargaining agreement textile industry fixes a seniority bonus for some staff:

Seniority bonus : industry branch ‘belts and shoulder straps’

The CBA fixes a seniority bonus for workers, employees, technicians and supervisors of the industry branch ‘belts and shoulder straps’. For these staff the seniority bonus is fixed based on classifications and the years of seniority. The CBA fixes the amount in a bonus scale table.

Seniority bonus : other industry branches

For other branches of the textile industry, the CBA fixes a seniority payment for workers only.
The seniority bonus is paid at the time of taken paid leave. It is calculated based on the financial value of vacation days.

Seniority >3 years >5 years >10 years >15 years
Seniority bonus 5 % 10 % 20 % 25 %

Example :
Worker with a monthly salary of 1800 Euro and a seniority of 12 years.
When this worker takes one week of vacation his vacation allowance will be 415.39 Euro for that week. He will then receive a seniority bonus of 20 % which is 83.08 Euro.

Maternity leave

The CBA textile industry stipulates a complementary payment after one year of seniority.


The CBA textile industry increases the maintained salary and removes the legal waiting period of 7 days in some cases.
For instance executive level staff with one year of seniority will receive a total of 100 % for 3 months, followed by 50 % for another three months. The duration increases the longer the seniority of the employee is.