Our videos, articles and guides help demystify French payroll. 

Learn more about hiring in France, French labor laws and local best practice. Get industry insights and stay up-to-date. 

Breaking down French Payroll

We break down and simplify complex issues surrounding French payroll, with useful articles and videos on topics including the French payslip, employer contributions, incentives and more. Learn what you need to manage your employees in France effectively and stay compliant in the process.

Hiring in France

French-specific laws and cultural differences: hiring in France comes with many challenges. Our video about hiring in France highlights the 5 essential steps.

Employer Contributions in France

French employer contributions and payroll taxes can vary between 3 % and 46 %. Learn more about it and get a free cost estimation for your unique case.

French Payslip

The complexity of French payroll is particularly apparent when looking at the French payslip.
We break it down – from gross to net.

Incentives like Meal Vouchers

Incentives will not only enhance the compensation package. Some benefits like French meal vouchers can also help to optimize contributions. 

French Payroll News & Industry Insights

The legislation related to French payroll is constantly changing based on the political and social environment. Collective bargaining agreement coverage is extremely high in France, with hundreds of CBAs. Maintaining compliance is key. 

Learn more about collective bargaining agreements, and stay up-to-date. 

Trial period: maximum duration

Trial period – maximum duration to be respected: trial period durations provided for by CBAs that exceed the duration of the French Labor Code regulations are no longer applicable!

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Rights for parents: health-related hardships

Coming into force as of July 2023, a new French law strengthens the rights of families of children with an illness, disability, or victims of a particularly serious accident.
The law extends the leave duration for certain family hardships and strengthens the protection against dismissal.

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