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Are you planning to hire an employee in France? Wondering what you need to consider? Worrying about compliance? My Payroll Pro is a French Payroll Provider with vast experience in working with international clients.

We provide a broad spectrum of Payroll Services in France, from registering your first employee and monthly payroll processing to the separation. Looking for a Payroll Outsourcing Company in France? Schedule a video call and tell us about your project.

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French payroll is complex. Already challenging for local companies; it becomes even more daunting for foreign businesses. Companies employing staff in France need to comply with French labor laws and are obliged to pay social contributions in France, even if they have no legal entity in France and operate from their home country. My Payroll Pro France is your partner for Payroll and HR in France.

Hiring without setting up a legal entity: The French foreign employer status ESEF is an ideal alternative to an Employer-of Record-solution.

French employer contributions and payroll taxes can vary between 3 % and 46 %. We offer cost estimations for your unique case.

The complexity of French payroll is particularly apparent when looking at the French payslip. We break it down.

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Expertise for international clients

As an international company, your needs are quite different from those of a local company. Our services and the advice we offer are customized to address your unique needs.

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We speak your language, so you will not have to worry about any language barriers.

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A one-size-fits-all approach is not good enough. We are dedicated to adapting to your needs and offering reliable, responsive, and available services.